SmartBytes™ LLC was officially created in 2011 by Matthew Hebert to serve webhosting and game-server hosting customers on a global scale. At its peak, the SmartBytes hosting network consisted of 4 servers around the world in Belgium, France, the UK, and the United States.  We shifted to a local computer repair business model in 2013. 

Currently Matthew and his wife Michelle own and operate SmartBytes as an online remote-repair service provider, as well as a repair shop in Ellsworth, Maine.  We are "appointment-only" based in order to allow us to focus solely on the devices we are repairing, while we're repairing them.  Originally our shop allowed walk-ins and while it was very popular, it became too busy for us to handle and quality suffered because of it.  We have dialed things back a bit and our monthly operating expenses are now in the low hundreds...not the low thousands. 

SmartBytes aims to provide a well-priced, competent repair service to those looking to fix their computer, iPhone, or iPad. We provide data retrieval services for non-Apple mobile devices.  We also provide Home/Small business IT management and support services for business ranging from 1 to 30 people. Physical services are provided within the states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts. Our travel rate is $1 (one dollar) per mile of ONE-WAY travel beyond 20 miles of ZIP codes 04401 and 04605. 

We are a licensed limited-liability company with a low-overhead physical and online presence catering to individuals and small businesses. SmartBytes physically covers the US states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts. We also provide Remote Repair services to clients from around the globe. 

We are no longer able to provide any services to anyone residing in Canada, as we enjoy visiting Canada and if we work for Canadians while we're in Canada we'll get kicked out of Canada (we're really really sorry, if that helps at all) .


We provide a 30-day guarantee on all repair services! 


 Tel: 1-833-298-3631 (1-833-BYTEME1)

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SmartBytes LLC
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Our Privacy Statement: We do NOT store any personal data of our website visitors at all, so we can safely say we will never ever sell it (since we don't keep it, we've nothing to sell!).  All customer data is stored on secure servers and NEVER sold or released to any 3rd parties without a valid legal court-order. Effected customers will be notified whenever there is a release of data to any party, for any reason. We do NOT store any credit card data whatsoever. We don't have time to meddle in anybodies business nor do we have any desire to sell anybodies personal life. We just want to fix your broken stuff!