Remote Computer Repair

If your computer can connect to the internet and receive email, we can clean and repair it remotely without anyone needing to leave the house! We'll send you an email containing a download link that will install a small, secure, and encrypted  remote-control program that will let us operate the computer just like we were sitting in front of it! We won't be able to connect to your machine without your permission, and we can remove it when we're done upon request :) You can remove it too...whatever works for you!

Virus Scan & RemovalTotal System Speed-upSystem Analysis & Diagnosis


Physical Computer Repair

We will attempt to repair any Windows, Apple, or Linux based desktop, laptop, or tablet to the best of our knowledge and abilities (over 25 years of computer repair & IT experience doesn't hurt). If the device is unable to be repaired, a small $25 diagnosis fee is applied. You can contact us to come and retrieve the device, arrange to meet us to drop it off, or mail it directly to us!

Remote Computer RepairMail-in/Meet-up Computer Repair  |  On-site Computer Repair