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SmartBytes is an IT solutions provider in the United States, specializing in remote-based computer support for homes and businesses. If your machine can connect to the internet but is slow, has advertisement or porn pop-ups, or is generally acting "sick"...we can fix it without you having to take the computer anywhere!

Click the 'Start a Repair' link above to purchase the support solution you need. Our Virus and Malware Removal service is less than HALF the price of what the big-box Technology stores charge. Why pay more to unplug  your equipment and drag it into a store? Its a no brainer!!

For the record...we are NOT those types that call people all day and convince them they are infected, then hijack everything and charge a ransom when we connect. We are a family-owned and operated business, licensed in the United States and operating in Maine. The owner (me!) has over 20 years of IT support and desktop/laptop/device repair experience.

We also provide remote system support for businesses of any size! Want to know if we can solve your problem? The 'Contact Us' link can be used to email us if you have questions regarding our general service offerings, bulk pricing, contract or custom services, etc.  

WE APOLOGIZE TO OUR CANADIAN FRIENDS...however we are unable to serve anyone residing in Canada.  This is simply because WE like going to Canada, and don't want to be deported if we serve Canadian customers while we are there. It kinda sucks, but we can't help anyone from prison.

SmartBytes Computer iPhone and iPad Repair

Computer - iPhone - iPad Repair * Apple/Windows/Linux * Consulting & Bulk Repair

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