SmartBytes LLC - Maine, USA

SmartBytes is a small, family-owned IT solutions provider specializing in personal and business computer systems repair, iPhone & iPad repair, and remote computer repair/virus removal.

Click the 'Repair Services' link above to see what we can offer you in regards to competent IT service and repair.  Looking for something not listed on our site? Our contact information is listed below, or you can submit an inquiry by clicking here.

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We repair: Anything running Microsoft, Apple, or xNIX/Linux. Apple iPhone and iPad (all models except iPad Pro). Amateur Radios (MARS/CAP depending on model). SOME Android tablets. NO Android phones (sorry; its a long expensive story). Avg turnaround times: Computer & iPad = 5-7 days, iPhone = 3-4 days, Remote = 1-2 days.

Remote Services: Virus & Malware Removal, Optimize (clean-up, speed-up), Remote Computer Education Services, Software Setup, Email Setup, etc.

Business Services: Remote Server Administration & Maintenance, Account Delivery and Administration, Remote Troubleshooting and Assistance, Software Installation, Backup Administration, etc.

SmartBytes LLC

PO Box 72, Eddington, ME 04428

call, 1-833-BYTEME1 Toll Free (Call or Text): 1-833-BYTEME1 (833-298-3631)

email, Email:

facebook, smartbytes maine Facebook: SmartBytes - Maine

skype, smartbytesllc Skype: smartbytesllc

Remote Support    Virus Removal    Computer Repair    iPhone Screen Repair    iPad Repair    On-Site Help

We use Splashtop for our secure remote-control application.  Need to utilize our remote support services? Download our custom SmartBytes installer package here! Don't worry...we can't connect to your machine in any way unless YOU allow it first!

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WE APOLOGIZE TO OUR CANADIAN FRIENDS...however we are unable to serve anyone residing in Canada.  This is simply because we LOVE visiting Canada (a lot), and don't want to be deported if we serve Canadian customers while we are there. It kinda sucks, but we can't help anyone from prison. :-(


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